If you are interested in using the facility for research, please see the information on our MRI Users page first. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Mind Science, the study of the psychological, biological, and computational processes that govern mental function.

  • The neurobiological substrates underlying reinforced and motivated behaviors
  • The neural basis of learning and memory
  • Individual differences in brain function
  • The neural basis of spatial cognition and human navigation
  • The neural basis of fluent speech and stuttering
  • The neural basis of representation and reasoning about social agents
  • Altered brain function that occurs as a result of autism, mental retardation, and other learning and cognitive disabilities

Engineering and Computer Science

  • Psychological immersion through virtual reality (VR) display and head tracking technology
  • Content-based retrieval and analysis of brain imaging data
  • Image analysis for brain imaging
  • Brain-computer interfaces and multimodal visualization of fMRI data
  • Secure and reliable delivery of image data